AMGA Guide Rob Coppolillo Reviews the Mammut 9.5 Infinity Dry Rope

First off, full disclosure: I’ve been using Mammut ropes for 20 years, by choice and quite happily—and as long as I’m spilling the beans, Mammut provided this rope for free (to test, of course!). So, two strikes against me in terms of objectivity—but, I must say, I summoned my best journalistic integrity to give the Infinity […]

AMGA Guide Amos Whiting Reviews the Sterling Evolution Helix BiColor 9.5mm 60m rope

I received a 60-meter Sterling Rope Evolution Helix 9.5 Bicolor this summer in a fuchsia and green color. I have used this rope for about 20 days on the sharp granite mix of Independence Pass, sandstone of the Skillet and limestone of Rifle, for both single- and multipitch climbing and guiding with one client. This rope […]

Certified Rock Guide Lindsay Fixmer Reviews the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

At first glance I thought it odd that Camp Chef’s Everest 2 Burner Stove was named after the highest mountain in the world, since it’s a big, double-burner stove clearly created for car camping. I wouldn’t exactly take the 12-pound Camp Chef Everest on a mountain—no one would. But, as I soon learned upon using the Everest, the […]

AMGA Rock Guide Lindsay Fixmer Tests the Patagonia Cragsmith Pack 35L

 The Patagonia Cragsmith Pack 35L, intended as the ideal sport climber’s pack, is so much more. Aside from an overnight in which I needed a larger-volume pack, there hasn’t been an outing in which I haven’t used this pack since its arrival in early June. This perfectly sized pack quickly became my day climbing and […]

AMGA Rock Guide Lindsay Fixmer Reviews the Julbo MonteRosa Sunglasses

Bringing the Spectron 4 and Camel (Category 2–4) lens to the sunglasses and glacier-glasses market, Julbo is at the forefront of versatility. And the good news is, you can use either lens with the women’s-specific MonteRosa sunglasses. The Camel lens adjusts to different environments, changing according to the intensity of brightness and glare. Whether I […]

American Mountain Guide Mike Soucy tests the Patagonia Crag Daddy Pack 45L

    I have been using the Patagonia Crag Daddy Pack 45L  for ~20 days of rock guiding and personal climbing in the Front Range of Colorado. I’ve used it for approaching multipitch climbs as well as carrying large loads of toproping equipment to the base of the crag. Approaches have been up to two hours long, […]

American Mountain Guide Geoff Unger tests the CAMP OVO Belay Plate

      I was excited to get my hands on the Camp Ovo belay device. For a long time, the Gigi from Kong was the only available entry in this market. In the field, the Ovo performed admirably. The main reason to have this device is to ease the burden of pulling ropes through […]

AvaTech SP1 Review

Jonathon Spitzer, American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide, reviews AvaTech’s SP1. The 2015 ski season was not the best, as many of us suffered from a lack of snow and not many powder days.  With the lack of snow, this allowed more persistent weak layers to form in our snowpack. Most parts of the Western US still had […]

Smith I/07 Ski Goggle Review

Mike Soucy, IFMGA Licensed Mountain Guide, reviews the Smith I/07 Ski Goggles.  This winter season (2014/15), I wore the Smith I/07 Ski Goggles ($200–285) for roughly 30 days of skiing, including backcountry touring, inbounds, and mechanized, in Colorado and Alaska. My pair featured the black frame, with the option to use either the Ignitor Mirror […]

Backcountry Access BC Link Radio Review by Mike Soucy

Mike Soucy, IFMGA Licensed Mountain Guide, reviews the Backcountry Access BC Link radio. This March, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, on the AMGA Ski Guides’ Course, I tested the Backcountry Access BC Link radio ($150). These radios were used for backcountry ski guiding, but I’d also use them for mechanized ski guiding, and […]