Emilie Drinkwater on receiving the Julie Cheney Culberson Educational Fund

Photos, video, & text by Emilie Drinkwater Today is the first day of the ski season. It’s far too early for good conditions, but I’m ready to get out anyway, to slide around on the dusting of slush that covers barely frozen grass and leaves. I’ve been on snow every month this year but I […]

What Stuck Ropes Taught Me About Guiding

Derek Debruin received the Mountain Hardwear Scholarship, which paid for his Rock Guide Course/AE I watched the end of the green rope where it dangled a few feet below us.  It moved in steady jolts away from us, heading down the wall, sometimes spasmodically, sometimes slithering.  As it jumped and whipped along the rock, it […]

Spoiler Alert: I passed my AMGA Rock Guide Aspirant Exam

By Cliff Agocs, the 2012 Marmot Scholarship recipient The pressure was on after receiving the Marmot scholarship. It wasn’t about my money anymore. Now it was about my reputation. If I fail, I reasoned, they’ll never give me another scholarship. I practiced rock-rescue all winter long. My climbing partners grew suspicious every time I suggested […]

AMGA/IFMGA Certified Guide on Waterfall Ice

AMGA/IFMGA Guide John Kear guiding waterfall ice in Colorado. This is a narrative on the value of hiring an AMGA Certified Guide.

AMGA Guide Jim Williams Talks About the Risk – Reward Equation

Jim Williams leads trips and expeditions around the world, from South American to Antarctica. A former board member for the AMGA, he was the first guide to successful lead people up all the Seven Summits in one year. Learn more in this video!