Top 5 Tips for Permit Applications

Top 5 Tips for Permit Applications






1. Meet with your land manager in person before submitting your application.
This will show your commitment to building a relationship and being a good partner.

2. Demonstrate you are committed to resource protection.
Describe in detail how you will apply each of the 7 LNT principles in your operation.

3. Focus on how you will serve the public.
Examples include improving public safety, providing education, and enhancing opportunities for underrepresented communities.

4. Demonstrate how you will be a good partner to the land agency.
Examples include assisting with stewardship projects, promoting responsible visitation, and supporting search and rescue.

5. Set yourself apart from other applicants.
Showcase your AMGA training and certification, your unique brand of service, or your good performance as a permittee in other areas. Consider getting letters of support for your application from the public (your clients), other permittees, local officials, or other users of the area.

Additional information about the permitting process and tips for permit applications can be found on the Advocacy Resources page.