Ski Guide Course | New 2020 Application Requirement

What is changing? 

In 2020 the SGC application will have a required video submission for ski movement. All applicants to 2020 SGCs and beyond will be required to submit a video as part of the standard application process. Videos will be reviewed by AMGA Ski Instructor Team Members and if the submitted video is below the standard, the AMGA will give you feedback on how you can work toward being ready to fully participate in the SGC.

Why is Video Submission Needed?

The AMGA has high movement expectations for guides entering the ski discipline. SGC students must be able to ski/ride with ample endurace, in all terrain, at a level well above the average recreationalist. Simply put, students must not be distracted from managing risk or course learnings due to a deficiency in personal skill.

The Ski Guide Course has one of the longest waitlists of any AMGA program and spaces are limited. For example, in 2018, we waitlisted 20 students that showed they met the prerequisites for the program at the time of enrollment, and an additional 29 throughout the season. The Ski Guide Course also has one of the lowest completion rates of any AMGA program, and the vast majority of “incompletes” are given to students for movement re-exams. With space being limited on SGCs, video submission of an applicant’s ski/riding movement will help ensure that students who are accepted into the program have the necessary prerequisite movement skills to fully participate.

For more details on why the AMGA is requiring video submission with SGC application, read the SGC Video Submission Doc

Here is one other example in addition to our AMGA video.

If you are applying to a 2020 SGC in the Fall of 2019 and haven’t gotten footage already, then grab a partner, a phone or camera, and get out skiing and filming this spring!

Do not worry about making the perfect video – we are not expecting professional grade filming or editing. Simply do your best to capture the below skills and have fun with it.

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