Memorandum of Understanding Established with NPS

The AMGA has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Park Service (NPS) that strengthens the guiding community’s relationship with NPS and creates new avenues for collaboration on land-use management, stewardship, and planning. “The MOU establishes the AMGA, its members, and accredited businesses as a primary resource for NPS on matters related […]

Access Opened at Gate Buttress

We are pleased to announce a new access opportunity at the Gate Buttress in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. After extended negotiations with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church), an agreement has been signed to allow guided rock climbing on 140 acres of private LDS Church property around the Gate Buttress. […]

Behind the Story: Après, the Fourth Discipline

Hello AMGA Membership, Did everyone see our April Fools’ Day video? If not check it out here! This spring we wanted to do something to bring a bit of humor to the table and to expose the AMGA to a broader audience. With the support of our corporate partners, this viral video effort reached over 200K consumers […]

The AMGA’s New Fourth Discipline

We are excited to introduce the Apres Discipline to the AMGA curriculum. “The AMGA realized that we are missing one critical component of our curriculum that the Europeans have expertly mastered…,” -AMGA Technical Director Dale Remsberg. The new discipline won’t add significant time to the overall progression of the Mountain Guide Program, and can be […]

Mobile Cribs with Jonathon Spitzer

Cribs is back! Well not really. But in true AMGA style, we’re showing you the envy of most pros — the most epic Mercedes Sprinter van! Today we get to peek into IFMGA/AMGA certified guide, Jonathan Spitzer’s EPIC traveling home. This beast looks like it can handle just about any adventure you set your mind too. Jealous […]

New USFS Recreation Special Uses Guide

The United States Forest Service (USFS) issues over 8000 special use permits every year for outfitting and guiding activities. These permits authorize the holder to conduct business on public land managed by the Forest Service. For decades, the process of obtaining a permit has been unpredictable and difficult due to variations in requirements from one […]

A Jill of All Trades

After twenty years as an outdoor educator, I decided to become a part-time guide. To be honest, I found the transition from teaching to guiding daunting. Despite being an experienced educator, I was unsure if guiding offered a place for me as a 42 year-old woman who is not “a crusher,” especially compared to my […]

Patagonia Action Works

“If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that things aren’t going very well for the planet,” says Yvon Chouinard in a new video by Patagonia. “It’s pretty easy to get depressed about it. I’ve always known that the cure for depression is action.” The devoted activist is now making it possible for all of us […]

The Beers of Climbing

It’s no secret that climbing and beer (in that order) are the perfect recipe for a good day. And while beer has fully integrated itself into the climbing world, it’s rare for climbing to show its face in the beer world. So our friends at Climbing Magazine tracked down three breweries either owned or staffed […]

What’s in my bag? Packing for an AMGA Ski Guide Course

Preparation for a ski guide course is a multi-faceted process.  From fine-tuning your fitness to prepping complex tour plans, it is important to show up prepared for these courses.  Correct equipment selection is a vital part of preparation process as proper gear selection can help a student succeed in a challenging course by providing them […]