A Quick Summary of the Jackson and Fayetteville round table meetings

Here, we present a summary written by Dale Remsberg about his trips to two recent Round Table Discussions, regular meetings that allow members to connect with AMGA staff, hear about our recent initiatives and advocacy efforts, and discuss national and local guiding issues. On August 26 and September 1, Dale Remsberg traveled to Jackson, Wyoming, and Fayetteville, West Virginia, […]

The physical impact of summer guiding, a small study

There’s no denying that a long, active guiding season changes your body, from the increased wear-and-wear on your shoulders and knees to the overall changes to your fitness level from long days in the hills with a big pack on, covering lots and lots…and lots of terrain. You can certainly notice those changes subjectively—the ripped calves, bulging quads, […]

Mia Tucholke, Recipient of the 2015 Petzl Scholarship

Mia Tucholke received the 2015 Petzl scholarship for her AMGA Alpine Guide Course in Boulder, CO. Check out her video from the course!

The Alpine Guide Course in Boulder, Colorado, this past May was an excellent course taught by great instructors and shared with amazing peers. We had hoped for more (any?!) alpine time, but the weather and winds didn’t cooperate with us. Instead, we ended up with a techy course, something my engineering brain embraced with passion. […]

Video and Scholarship celebrate the life of Liz Daley

On September 29, 2014, the AMGA guide and professional climber and snowboarder Liz Daley lost her life in an avalanche in Argentine Patagonia, while descending Cerro Vespignani, close to Fitz Roy. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, she was 29 at the time of her passing. It was a loss felt deeply within the guiding and mountain-sport communities. […]

AMGA Guide Rob Coppolillo Reviews the Mammut 9.5 Infinity Dry Rope

First off, full disclosure: I’ve been using Mammut ropes for 20 years, by choice and quite happily—and as long as I’m spilling the beans, Mammut provided this rope for free (to test, of course!). So, two strikes against me in terms of objectivity—but, I must say, I summoned my best journalistic integrity to give the Infinity […]

Michael Horst, Recipient of the 2015 Strength of Character Scholarship

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and to say thank you to the family members and friends of Matt Hegeman and Eitan Green, who have created and supported this scholarship. Like Matt and Eitan were, I am working toward full certification as a mountain guide. This scholarship was applied to the […]


Sweetgrass Productions has teamed up with AMGA partner, Patagonia on Jumbo Wild, an hour-long documentary depicting all sides of an epic struggle between backcountry protection and development in British Columbia’s iconic Jumbo Valley – highlighting the tension between protection of wilderness and the backcountry experience and ever-increasing development interests in wild places. As you may […]

AMGA Partner Athlete Profile: Emilie Drinkwater with Outdoor Research

The AMGA is excited to announce a new blog series, to run for the rest of 2015, featuring Q & As with AMGA guides, instructors, and members who are integral members of our corporate sponsors’ athlete teams—men and women who are delivering both in the guiding world and as ambassadors for their brands and chosen outdoor sport(s). There […]

Jaclyn Kuusinen, Recipient of the 2015 Patagonia Scholarship

Reflections from an AMGA Rock Guide Course Teaching and guiding rock climbing comprise the most rewarding career I can imagine. Technical rock climbing is the most interesting, challenging, and engaging activity I’ve ever encountered, and sharing my passion with others brings me great joy, and hopefully enriches the lives of those who choose to climb with […]

AMGA Guide Amos Whiting Reviews the Sterling Evolution Helix BiColor 9.5mm 60m rope

I received a 60-meter Sterling Rope Evolution Helix 9.5 Bicolor this summer in a fuchsia and green color. I have used this rope for about 20 days on the sharp granite mix of Independence Pass, sandstone of the Skillet and limestone of Rifle, for both single- and multipitch climbing and guiding with one client. This rope […]